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Ennis OTS will start on Friday, 28 June at 17:00 CET. Check to get more information.

Update 1.1.0

We are happy to announce that we decided to develop our 7.72 client to
newer tibia client that provide you better gameplay, more items,
monsters and outfits. New client combine diffrent mechanics from 7.92
and even up to 9.8 tibia client!

Dont be afraid if you cant log in, just download our new client from here.

Some features:

  • Client with autoupdate
  • New spells -Tibia 7.92 addons and outfits
  • New monsters from more current tibia version
  • Lots of new items - Refresh monster camps and map
  • New quests - New mechanics
  • NPC system with private tab
  • NPC Shop
-- Much more fun in map explore:)

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, which items and
mechanics add to our project as well, stay tuned and wait for more

Please have in mind it's a big update, so we temporary flag our server as
a beta, there may be some bugs, but we will fix them immediately after
report from you.

Update 1.0.1

Thank you for all the feedbacks.

We checked and addressed things that you reported to us. If any of you
had fps drops/lags/freezes on our server, then you should check if new
client on DX9 fixes it, you can download here.
New players starts now in new location, hope it helps players find their
way to low level spots easier and get introduced to waypoints etc.

Changed task system allows you to choose which tasks you want to take and experience reward is higher.

We are waiting for further feedback, preferably on a Discord, because we can't be in-game 24/7.

  • new client released (with dx9 support)
  • map improvements
  • pacc spells are now free
  • different spawn location where new players start the game
  • new task system, allow to select a task and cancel
  • magic shop npcs now buys vials, more items to sell in loot npc
  • skill rate has been increased to 6x
  • adori blank has been added
  • items with skill bonuses now change skill level properly in skills window
  • corse ownership fix
  • players now starts with slightly higher skills(knights and paladins have easier time killing monsters)



    Ennis is a new, original server based on version 7.72, which wants to combine
    the simplicity of newer solutions with the difficulty of the game known
    from older versions, so that players can enjoy the pleasure and at the
    same time derive satisfaction from the game. The world of Ennis is
    fresh, new and waiting for daredevils who want to know its secrets. The
    map offers something new, interesting, it is extensive and conceals many
    tasks and dangers. In the exploration of the world, helps so-called
    waypoints known from the Diablo games series. We aim to please the
    players who can not or do not want to spend too much time on the game,
    but still feel the development of their character and that they are
    part, the heroes of this world. We want to expand this world with new,
    more interesting solutions, improve the current one and make it more
    attractive to the player. Therefore, all proposals, opinions, positive
    and negative, will be taken into account and incorporated into the


    Website: Ennis OTS (

    Client: We use our custom client based on version 7.72 available here.

    Experience rates: Staged from 12x to 1x

    Skill/Magic/Loot rate: 6x / 3x / 1x

    Open PVP (with protection level at 20)

    More detailed information here.

        Diablo-like waypoints

        Custom map ready to be explored

        Daily rewards

        Party experience share available

        Bonus experience and skill rate in party

        Lootboxes with various items


        NPC scattered around the map with special missions

        Shop with mainly cosmetics, easily obtainable in game